Whips continuously braided over a stiff handle are used in many regions, but this type was highly developed in the American West as a very heavy whip with a short handle. They are traditionally used for moving or loading cattle. Bull whips are the usual whips of choice for American performers and stuntmen, particularly those doing Western-style acts. We offer two distinctive types of braided leather bullwhip, our own production and one hand crafted for us in Australia. In addition to our hand crafted leather whips, we offer a selection of synthetic whips from New Zealand.

450 Series Bullwhips by David Morgan
Our own production bullwhip, used in the Indiana Jones movies, is a moderately heavy whip with the weight carried out well into the thong. The butt foundation is about 8 inches long. The whip is well balanced, and has a 12 plait kangaroo overlay. The length is measured from the butt to the end of the braid, not including the fall.

We first developed this bullwhip some years ago when kangaroo products could not be imported into the United States. The general pattern was that of the Australian bullwhip we had been offering. The Australian plaited belly construction was retained, but extended to two bellies, both now plaited in kangaroo hide. The butt was shortened, and the whip balanced as in the best American practice. In addition, since these whips are used by stuntmen who often employ whips under less than ideal conditions, the overlay is made in a heavy kangaroo, and the strands cut wider to give the whip greater durability under rough conditions. These bullwhips have shown good endurance and shape retention over many years of use.

We offer 6, 8, 10 and 12 foot bullwhips. Colors are Natural Tan or Black. Hand crafted in the USA by David Morgan.

List 450 Series Bullwhips

The 450 Series Bullwhips by David Morgan were used in the Indiana Jones movies and in The Mask of Zorro. Please see our Indiana Jones Bullwhips and Whip Frequently Asked Questions pages for more information.

Whip Maintenance Kit
A whip maintenance kit is now supplied with each of our long lash leather whips. This kit consists of a spare fall, 5 crackers and a 6 oz. tub of Pecard Leather Dressing, with directions for fall and cracker replacement.

We endeavor to keep up with the demand for our quality kangaroo whips, but sometimes we fall behind. If we cannot ship within three weeks of receipt of your order we shall advise you of the probable delay. Normally, the whips we bring from Australia are in stock but supply is subject to conditions there and occasionally there are delays.

Do you live outside the US? Due to strict US export regulations, we are only able to ship kangaroo leather products outside the US by adhering to the US Fish and Wildlife Service export inspection procedures.

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Bullwhip, 8 ft., Natural Tan
Bullwhip, 8 ft., Natural Tan
by David Morgan
Bullwhip, 10 ft., Black
Bullwhip, 10 ft., Black
by David Morgan
Pecard Leather Dressing
Pecard Leather Dressing
by Pecard
Karaka Bullwhip, 8 ft.
Karaka Bullwhip, 8 ft.
by Karaka Products
Adventurer Hat (Open Crown)
Adventurer Hat (Open Crown)
by Akubra