Welsh Gold

We do not offer Welsh Gold.

Some gold is still mined in Wales on a small scale. The supply is not under Welsh control for the most part, and there are questions as to how much of the gold used in the alloy is Welsh, and how much is just generic gold. The percentages are often kept secret. Welsh gold can be identified by trace-element isotope analysis, but this is not practical in buying an individual item. The customer is dependent upon the integrity of the reailer and his entire supply line.

We are reminded of the Englishman who was selling rabbit pies. A customer pointed out that the meat did not look like it was all rabbit, and part resembled horse. Under questioning he admitted to the pies being not all rabbit; they were half rabbit, half horse. After further examination of the pies, and further questioning, he still maintained the pies were half rabbit, half horse -- one rabbit to one horse.

Some Welsh gold has been used recently in Wales by one or more of the local Welsh jewelers. As we were told the story by a local jeweler (i.e., a local Welshman as separate from a foreign settler), when one of the local mines was operating the foreman used to high-grade ore (i.e. take the best ore from the gold bearing seam), smuggle it out from the mine, and then wash out the gold in a nearby stream. Presumably under pressure, he was not very efficient, and a significant amount of gold was lost. Years later this location was found or revealed to another local, who reworked the site and supplied the gold to the jeweler.

Welsh gold is sold often as rose gold, or as rose gold accents. The color has nothing to do with any content of gold from Wales, but is entirely a function of the alloying elements.

Some may find the romance of gold mined in Wales overwhelms mundane technical considerations. For these we suggest:

Rhiannon Evans, Y Sqwar, Tregaron, Dyfed SY25 6JL, Cymru, Great Britain. Email: [email protected]. Ask her how much of her gold is Welsh!
www.welshgold.org -- Kelvin Jenkins, commissioned jewelry in pure Welsh gold

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