Welsh Brooches -- Tlysau Cymreig

The penannular Welsh brooches were used in older times both as ornaments and to hold garments in place, much as the Scottish shoulder brooches and kilt pins. They came in a variety of sizes, from one to several inches in diameter. The designs ranged from plainly simple to highly ornamental, from primitive to sophisticated. The constant factor in the Welsh brooches is that they are functional and enduring, as attractive and useful today as they were through that long period when Celtic culture flourished throughout Europe. We are pleased to offer a number of Welsh brooches in sterling silver and bronze.

The Welsh brooch is attached by first putting the pin through a fold in the material, then bringing the end of the pin beyond the fold up through the space in the circular section. The circular section is then rotated underneath the pin, and the point of the pin buried in the material.

The larger Welsh brooches are suitable for our Traditional Welsh Shawls.

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