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The Welch Company Inc. has been manufacturing suspenders in Portland, Oregon since 1967. Their suspenders are recognized for quality and reliability among the loggers and construction workers. Traditionally, anyone showing up to join a logging crew wearing a belt instead of suspenders was sent home as too green to work with the crew.

We offer a selection of Welch suspenders to suit a variety of needs. The elastic in each suspender is the best of its type, and each is selected for stretch and wear characteristics to suit the specific style of suspender. Cotton elastics are used to ensure comfort. Except for the Casual Suspenders, which have rolled leather ends, all leather ends are flat and riveted to swivel so they may fit well. The leather used is the same oil-tanned leather used in the uppers of the best logging and work boots of the Northwest. It is strong, durable, and supple, allowing easy attachment to buttons. The oversized Gator Clip is firm and reliable, nickel plated to withstand the weather. All Welch suspenders are made in the USA.

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Suspender Sizing
Suspender length is measured from the suspender buttons on the front over the shoulder to that on the back on the opposite side.

The Regular (46") suspenders adjust from 46 inches to about 38 inches, and generally fit people under 6 feet tall. The Extra Long (54") suspenders adjust from 54 inches to about 42 inches. Those under 6 feet tall may prefer the Extra Long suspenders if they have a larger girth or wish to keep the adjustment clasp up relatively high on the torso.

If you enjoy wearing suspenders, but own trousers or pants without
suspender buttons, Logger Buttons (sometimes called Bachelor Buttons), are easily attached with a hammer.

"Y" Backs or "X" Backs?
The choice between "Y" Back or "X" Back suspenders is primarily a matter of personal preference. The same suspender button spacing is used for both styles, so the two styles can be used interchangeably. Some folks feel the "Y" Back style is more comfortable if you are engaged in heavy physical activity which involves sideways movement of the torso, such as swinging a scythe. However, in most circumstances there is little difference in functionality between the "X" Back and "Y" Back suspenders.

Suspender Care
Suspenders can be hand washed cold, line dried. Wash colors separately, as the colors (especially Red) might run. The leather tabs can be washed as long as the suspenders are not dried with heat. After washing, a light application of Pecard Leather Dressing will restore the suppleness of the leather.

To learn more about suspenders, we invite you to visit the Welch Company Inc.'s own website at www.welchsuspenders.com.

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Tuff Stuff Suspenders, Clip Ends
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