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Leather is well suited to belts, with the strength to provide durability and the suppleness and responsive to adjust to each person. We offer a range of leather belts, from the Bridle Leather Belts through the Snake Belt, braided and formed in vegetable tanned cowhide in a rattlesnake design.

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Bridle Leather Belts
Our bridle leather belts are made in one of the finest leathers known, top quality waxed bridle leather. Only the prime back section of the hide is used, and all belts are cut lengthwise, the direction of greatest strength in the hide. The natural top grain is used, with its normal variation in texture and patterning.

The belts are bench made, with full attention to detail. Edges are rounded, polished and finished with a line inside the edge. The end keeper is formed and sewn. We offer these belts without a buckle, in case you already own a favorite buckle. (Buckles may be purchased separately.)

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Braided Kangaroo Hide Belts
Finely braided belts were a traditional specialty of the Australian whipmakers. In cutting a kangaroo skin for a whip, the center of the skin was often left too small for a second whip. This leather, the prime part of the skin, was ideal for belts. The usual style was a cinch ring belt with two harness rings or dees. The individual strands are turned over as they are braided past the end section, so that the grain side of the leather remains on the outside where the end folds back at the dees. The dees are attached by back-braiding the strands in the belt. There are no stitches to give way, no eyelets to tear, and the belt is continuously adjustable.

We have brought this craft to America so that you may enjoy wearing these belts, fine examples of traditional craftsmanship at its best. The belts are offered in two widths, one inch (12 strand braid) and one and one-half inch (16 strand braid), in natural tan, black, or a two-tone of natural and black strands. The natural tan darkens with sunlight and time.

Cinch Ring Belt, One Inch
Cinch Ring Belt, 1-1/2 Inch

Snake Belts
From the sterling silver snake head buckle, along the curved and supple body, to the rawhide rattlers stitched on the tail, this belt is truly outstanding. Designed and hand braided by Larry Knapp, it is a fine example of the sophisticated leatherwork being produced in the American South West.

Larry Knapp initially developed his skills in Spain where there is a long tradition of leatherwork. This 12 strand belt is braided and then molded with a flat inner side and rounded outer side. The leather used is the finest cowhide. The ends of the strands are tapered, covered, and finished with rawhide stitching. The specially made sterling silver snake head buckle has a hook on the back to hold the belt without pulling the braid on the outside. The belt width is one inch, with a thickness of 5/16 inch in the body. Colors are Black or a Brown in blended shades, to suggest a diamondback rattler.

Black Snake Belt
Multi-Brown Snake Belt

Hornback Crocodile Belt
Crocodilian leather is rich in both texture and variation, with the scutes (horny plates or scales) providing additional interest. Our Hornback Crocodile Belts, suitable for dress or casual wear, are made from the central back portion of the Saltwater crocodile skin. The leather in this section is bone free in the Saltwater crocodile, unlike other crocodilians, so the leather is uncompromised.

Hornback Crocodile Belt

Travel Belts
Two of our leather belts are of particular interest to frequent travellers. The Leather Money Belt, made by Tilley Endurables, has a 14 inch bill section to safely carry money and other valuables. The braided Airport Belt, our own production, has no metal parts and can be worn through airport security screening.

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Care of Leather Belts
Fine leather deserves good care. We suggest a light coating of Pecard Leather Dressing every six months to help maintain the fine appearance and durability of these belts.

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Sterling Silver Belt Buckles

Natural Bridle Leather Belt, 1.5 inch, No Buckle
Natural Bridle Leather Belt, 1.5 inch, No Buckle
by Danny Whitaker
Cinch Ring Belt, 1-1/2 Inch
Cinch Ring Belt, 1-1/2 Inch
by David Morgan
Cinch Ring Belt, One Inch
Cinch Ring Belt, One Inch
by David Morgan
Pecard Leather Dressing
Pecard Leather Dressing
by Pecard