Kangaroo Skins

Kangaroo leather is by far the best leather for fine leather braiding. We supply both skins and lace, tanned in Australia by Packer Leather. Excess kangaroos are harvested in Australia under programs approved by bothe the Australian and U.S. Fish and Wildlife authorities. The leather we offer is in a high strength bark tannage, and the skins are selected for shape and minimum scars and discoloration.

We offer natural and black skins drum stuffed, that is grease is worked into the leather in heated rotating drums. Drum stuffing provides an even distribution of grease in the amount needed to ensure optimum properties of the leather. The natural color skins are a light tan color as received from the tannery, but darken with sunlight. The black skins are tannery dyed, and are black through the skin.

The skins come in three weights, light (under about 0.8 mm thick), suitable for fine braiding, medium (about 0.8 mm), suitable for belts, stockwhips and most horse gear, and heavy (about 1.00 mm), suitable for belts and heavier gear and whips. We do sell a package of Kangaroo Leather Samples as a service to our customers.

The table below summarizes the suggested uses for the hides we carry.


Item Avg Thickness
Suggested Uses
Braided Work
Suggested Uses
Solid Skin Work
Kangaroo skin, natural, light
Kangaroo skin, dyed black, light
< 0.8 mm
hat bands, bolo ties
fine plait horse gear
edge lacing
elbow and cuff leathers
recoil pads
book binding
Kangaroo skin, natural, medium
Kangaroo skin, dyed black, medium
about 0.8 mm belts
horse gear
stock whips
finer plait bull whips
small bags

Kangaroo skin, natural, heavy
Kangaroo skin, dyed black, heavy
Kangaroo skin, dyed whiskey, heavy

about 1 mm coarse belts
utility horse gear
bull whips
falconry jesses, leads
small bags

Skins are measured in square decimeters (dm2). 10 square decimeters equal 1.076 square feet. Kangaroo skin prices are less 10% in lots of 250 square decimeters and over (assorted). Actual prices of the skins are determined when shipped, based on the actual size of the individual skins. Quantity discounts will be given at the time of shipment.

We purchase only the best quality vegetable tanned kangaroo, bringing in shipments from Australia two or three times a year. The Australian drought has affected both the size and availability of the quality skins, with the sizes tending toward the small end of the range. If your project requires a minimum size, please let us know so that we can ensure we have big enough skins before filling your order.

Do you live outside the US? Due to strict US export regulations, we are only able to ship kangaroo leather products outside the US by adhering to the US Fish and Wildlife Service export inspection procedures.

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