Driza-Bone is an Australian icon in riding coats, recognized not only in Australia but also throughout the world for quality, practicality and the Australian flair. The name Driza-Bone (Stryne for "Dry as a Bone") was registered in 1933, around the time the waxed cotton cloth was developed in Britain to replace the old cloth coated with linseed oil. We are pleased to offer the Driza-Bone Deluxe Riding Coats and Vests, made in Australia.

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Barkly Field Coat
Newtown Sweater
Driza-Bone Classic Riding Coat
Driza-Bone Riding Coat, Black
Brumby Jacket
Belltrees Riding Vest
Classic Short Riding Coat
Short Riding Coat, Black
Nelson Sweater
Driza-Bone Oilskin Reproofer
Driza-Bone Desert Wax Reproofer
Driza-Bone Detachable Hood