Caithness Glass

Caithness Glass products are no longer being distributed in the USA. We regret we are unable to obtain more of these fine handcrafted paperweights at this time.  

Caithness Glass set up their studios in 1961 in Wick, in the Highlands of Scotland, to produce museum-quality glass paperweights and other artglass. They soon developed a distinctive style, modern free-form designs with innovative and dramatic use of color. Discerning and enthusiastic collectors worldwide seek their work. Each paperweight is handcrafted in Scotland, a unique piece of art.

Caithness offers a wide range of paperweights and artglass using both modern and traditional techniques. Their limited edition paperweights make use of the most prestigious techniques, many of which can only be mastered by the most talented craftspeople after many years of practice. The longer a piece takes to make because of the intricate skills involved in the paperweight's creation, the more exclusive the paperweight and the smaller the edition size. For instance, paperweights such as Moonwaves are significantly larger and heavier than standard paperweights. Only a small number of paperweight makers have the skills and sheer muscle required to craft these pieces.

Glass paperweights gained recognition in France about 1845, when they were produced as a sideline by the glass workers there. For a short period they flourished as showpieces of the glassblower's craft, but then stabilized as a small trade producing weights for a limited market. in the 1950's modern techniques of glassmaking and fresh design concepts brought new life to the craft. Today both classic and innovative new designs are being produced to the highest standards of quality ever.

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