Art of Whip Cracking

The Western art of whip cracking has been kept up and developed in Western shows, rodeos and circuses, by the movie stuntmen and in the theatre circuits. Competitive cracking, long popular in Australia, is gaining a following in the US. For those who enjoy these Western skills, or wish to participate themselves, we offer DVDs and videos giving instructions and showing performers displaying their skills., plus books by our own David W. Morgan with a wealth of information about whips.

The craft of leather braiding has long been used to optimize the leather's original strength, flexibility and thickness, as well as for decorative purposes. We offer a range of our own production handcrafted braided goods in kangaroo, including the bullwhips we produced for the Indiana Jones movies. For beginners, and those who want a durable whip without investing in our finest handcrafted whips, we offer a Four-Plait Stock Whip from Australia and Karaka Products synthetic whips from New Zealand.