Metal Arts Group

Metal Arts Group offers a unique selection of artist-designed jewelry, many representing the rich culture of the Indians of the Pacific Northwest, proudly handcrafted in the USA with royalties paid to the artist.

Metal Arts Group's story began in 1895, when one man's ambition to leave a lasting impression on the American jewelry industry became a reality. Soon after striking gold in the fields of the Great Klondike in Alaska, Joseph Mayer built Joseph Mayer & Bros. Inc. in Seattle, Washington. The company began by producing souvenir spoons, flatware, and wholesale jewelry then grew to become one of the largest jewelry manufacturing companies in the United States. Known today as Metal Arts Group, their passion for manufacturing quality jewelry follows that of Mayer all those years ago.

The selection we offer ranges from trade bracelets, designed by Tlingit Bill Wilson and struck from the original dies from the early 1900's, to modern designs such as Odin Lonning's Lovebirds. The jewelry we offer are either lost wax castings or stamped pieces and most pieces come with a card explaining the background of the design.