Dungeness Crab Pin

United States
Item No. KB-180-PIN

  • Cavin Richie

    Cavin Richie grew up in Colorado surrounded by the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains. He moved to Washington State in 1970 and has lived near the sea ever since. Cavin's designs are a reflection of his surroundings. His line includes birds, mammals and amphibians, all accurately detailed. For the past thirty years he has carved with shed elk antler and woolly mammoth ivory. These carvings became the basis for his lost wax casting jewelry.

    "Carving," says Cavin "is like touching antiquity. I feel a kinship with a long lineage of carvers dating back to the Pleistocene."

    We are pleased to offer these solid bronze lost wax castings. A patina complements the earthy metal, giving each piece a unique finish.

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