Our leather moccasins are an old Western style. In the early days in the West fur traders and the few settlers wore moccasins and gloves traded from the Indians. Later, as the number of settlers increased, and took over the land from the Indians, moccasins became difficult to obtain, although they remained the preferred footwear for many. Small shops were set up by immigrants to the West to make moccasins. The Hinman moccasin was one of the most successful, and retains a loyal following in the Northwest. Started in Wenatchee in 1960 by Fred Hinman, a taxidermist, the business was continued on by his son, and has now been taken over by Geier Glove. These sewn moccasins are made from very soft and supple leather to give second skin comfort and good wear. There is a foam layer sandwiched into the sole for comfort.

These moccasins are a true legacy of the old West, and may be enjoyed as a slipper, or for outdoor use in the old way. We offer three styles of adult moccasins: the Low Moose Moccasins, the High Moose Moccasins and the Low Bison Moccasin with Sole. The High Moose Moccasins and Low Bison Moccasin with Sole are often preferred for use outdoors. Color is Gold. Made in the USA. We also offer Baby Moccasins in soft and supple deerskin.

Moccasin Sizing
Moccasin sizing generally follows men's shoe sizing. The moccasins fit most women's feet. Moccasins are relatively adaptable to sizing, but people with very wide or very narrow feet may be unable to find a fully satisfactory fit.

Moccasin Size Men's Shoe Size Women's Shoe Size
5 4½ - 5 5½ - 6
5 4½ - 5 5½ - 6
6 5½ - 6 6½ - 7
7 6½ - 7 7½ - 8
8 7½ - 8 8½ - 9
9 8½ - 9 9½ - 10
10 9½ - 10 10½ - 11
11 10½ - 11 11½ - 12
12 11½ - 12 12½ - 13

The Baby Moccasin sizing is based on the length of the moccasin sole.

Moccasin Size Length of Sole Baby's Age
Small 4 inches Newborn to 6 months
Medium 5-1/4 inches 6 to 12 months
Large 6 inches 12 to 18 months
Extra large 6-1/4 inches 18 to 36 months


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Baby Moccasin
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