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We are pleased to offer a selection of woolens, made in Norway by Devold. Devold has been producing woolen knitwear of exceptional quality since 1853. Norway has that cold damp climate which calls for woolen clothing, and a long tradition of raising sheep and knitting wool. Devold has a well-earned reputation in Norway as the premier maker of woolen knitwear, offering both traditional styles and innovative new garments. The Devold garments are designed in Norway, manufactured in Devold factories in Norway and Lithuania.

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Devold Sweaters
The quality of Devold sweaters starts with selection of the wool and the yarn, and continues with the production methods used in fabricating the sweater. The parts of the sweater, front, back, sleeves and collar, are knitted to size. Ribbed cuffs and hems are knitted as part of the sleeves and the front and back. Knitting the parts to size as individual units gives maximum integrity to the knitting, and the designed shape of the sweater is maintained well in all sizes. The parts are sewn together, with the sewing taken into account in the design, giving less stretch or more stretch as needed for proper support of the sweater as a whole. Devold sweaters are built to last, with full attention to the details of material selection and production.

The Islender, from Devold's Classic Collection of sweaters, is the pattern worn by the early polar explorers Fridtjof Nansen and Roald Amundsen in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Still made in pure new wool, still made in Norway, this sweater is knitted from a yarn to give a thick bulky fabric with a lot of insulating air space. The sweater fits on the body, but by virtue of the elasticity of the wool and the give in the knitted fabric is not at all constraining. This bulky knit sweater is very warm, but benefits from layering under a wind and water resistant jacket or coat when the weather turns rainy or the wind howls.

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Marine Sweater, Zip Turtleneck
Marine Sweater, Zip Turtleneck
by Devold