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Celtic Rings from David Morgan

We are pleased to offer a number of wedding, anniversary and engagement rings from our Celtic Jewelry collection. Most of these rings are manufactured exclusively for us by our local manufactering jeweler who shares our concern for quality. The 14 kt. gold rings we offer are hand polished. The rings are all substantial lost wax castings, all made in USA.

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Celtic Wedding Rings
The Celtic patterns of interwoven lines have a special pertinence to wedding rings. These rings have two intertwined ribbons signifying two intertwined lives. The terminal figure for the ribbons is the heron, Creyr in Welsh, meaning Creator. Creyr represents the giver of life among the Celts, and is the bringer of babies. The heron on each ribbon grasps the end of the other ribbon, signifying a joining of two ribbons and lives into one. Supporting the intertwined ribbons are two circles, the endless circles of eternity.

The Celtic Wedding Ring is about 7 mm wide, with a delicate but highly defined pattern. The ring is available in 14 kt. yellow gold and sterling silver. Please allow three weeks for shipment of our gold Celtic Wedding rings.

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Celtic Engagement Rings
Our diamond engagement or anniversary ring matches our Celtic Wedding Rings. The 2 mm wide ring is delineated as two ribbons of life. Creyr, the Heron, is shown on each side of the diamond, joining the two ribbons to form the endless ribbon of life. We offer our Celtic Engagement Ring with a 1/3 carat diamond, in 14 kt. yellow gold. All our diamonds are excellent quality, brilliant cut diamonds, selected for us by our local manufacturing jeweler. The ring is also available without the diamond should you wish to have an heirloom diamond set in it by your local jeweler. Please allow three weeks for shipment of our Celtic Engagement rings.

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Double Helix Wedding Bands
The Celtic concept of life was an on-going continuous ribbon of eternity. It finds a modern-day presentation in the double helix, the two adjacent spirals of DNA, the on-going genetic material that connects one generation to the next. In this double helix, Creyr, the Heron, connects the spirals at each end to maintain the continuity of the ribbon of eternity. These rings, about 7 mm wide, are substantial, as our other Celtic Wedding Bands, and match the Celtic Engagement Ring. The Double Helix Wedding Band is available in 14 kt. yellow gold and sterling silver. Please allow three weeks for shipment of our gold Double Helix rings.

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Triskele Anniversary Rings
This anniversary ring has a triskele on each side of the 1/3 carat diamond. The ring is about 2 mm wide, and is also suitable as an engagement ring. The triskele, or three-part knot, is a common Celtic figure. It portrayed the tripartite nature of life as seen by the Celts, and was taken over by the Christians to portray the trinity. Please allow three weeks for shipment of our Triskele Anniversary rings.

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Trinity Rings -- Modrwy y Drindod
The Trinity Ring is a distinctive ring used as a wedding band or a more general ring. The endless ribbon of eternity forms the three-strand knot on this ring, symbolizing the Trinity. The Celts, in keeping with the broad aspects of Indo-European religion, saw life as a multi-faceted continuum. The Celtic knotwork lends itself to portraying this concept. The ends of the three-strand knot carry through the shank of the ring to complete the endless ribbon of eternity. The ring is about 6 mm wide. The Trinity Ring is available in 14 kt. yellow gold. Please allow three weeks for shipment of our gold Trinity rings.

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Celtic Wedding Band, Sterling Silver
Celtic Wedding Band, Sterling Silver
by David Morgan
Gold Trinity Ring, Sizes 4 - 7
Gold Trinity Ring, Sizes 4 - 7
by David Morgan