Leather Goods

We offer an extensive selection of leathergoods. To the craftsman, leather is an exciting material in all its diversity, from the thin strong leather of the kangaroo to the leather of the crocodile with its raised pattern. The tanner adds further variety through the different tanning processes which can bring out the different possibilities in a leather, from the softness of a glove leather to the firmness of a bridle leather. The skill of the craftsman is less in making a quality article from the leather than in making an article that brings out the functionality, quality and beauty of the leather.

Coin Pouch, Emu Leather
Leather Cuff Bracelet
Leather Belt, 1.25 inch, No Buckle
Celtic Knot Belt Buckle, Brass
Deerskin Roper Glove
Crocodile Hat Band
Leather Solo Bag
6 mm Machine Cut Lace, 20 m hank
Wolf Bolo Tie
Keycase, Kangaroo Leather
Western Fringed Gauntlet
Braiding Fine Leather
Whips and Whipmaking, 2nd Edition
Whips of the West
Let's Get Cracking!
Coin Pouch, Kangaroo Leather
Leather Money Belt
Leather Baseball Cap
Raven Steals the Sun Buckle
Leather Belt, 1 inch, No Buckle
Hipster Wallet, Kangaroo Leather
Eight Pocket Wallet, Kangaroo Leather
Women's Clutch, Kangaroo Leather
1/4 inch Kangaroo Lace
Bifold Wallet, Horsehide
Sydney Leather Belt
Koala Belt
Trifold Wallet, Kangaroo Leather
Wolf Buckle, Large
Wolf Buckle, Medium
Suede Stockman Hat
Box of Daylight Bolo Tie
Six Pocket Wallet, Emu Leather
Business Card Holder, Emu Leather
Celtic Horse Belt Buckle, Silver
Leather Bracelet, Four Strand
Leather Choker, Four Strand
Whip Cracking Made Easy, Part I, DVD
Whip Cracking Made Easy, Part II, DVD
Deerskin Wool Lined Glove