We are pleased to offer our extensive selection of fine Northwest Indian jewelry, Celtic jewelry, Northwest jewelry and Australian jewelry. The jewelry is sent to you gift boxed, and most pieces come with a card explaining the background of the piece. Much of the jewelry we offer is in sterling silver, bronze or 14 kt. gold. The Occulture jewelry from Australia is photoanodized aluminum. We also offer a limited selection of leather, pewter and copper jewelry.

Chi-Rho Pendant
Chi-Rho Earrings
Triple Circle Earrings, 14 kt. Gold
Spade Brooch
Spade Pendant
Spade Earrings
Aderyn Celtaidd Pendant
Thistle Pendant, Half Round
Gold Everlasting Love Earrings
Everlasting Love Pin
Lovebirds Pin
Welsh Dragon Pendant, 14 kt. Gold
Welsh Dragon Tie Tack, 14 kt. Gold
Welsh Dragon Necklet, 14 kt. Gold
Dragon Earrings, Fishhook
Gold Dragon Earrings, Fishhook
Tenby Daffodil Earrings, 14 kt. Gold
Croes Hir Necklet
Croes Hir Earrings
Thistle Earrings
Thistle Pendant
Rampant Lion Pin
Rampant Lion Pendant
Scottish Lion Tie Tack
Rampant Lion Earrings, Sterling Silver
Rampant Lion Earrings, 14 kt. Gold
Celtic Heron Bracelet
Coal Tram Charm
Sterling Silver Thistle Brooch
Sterling Silver Thistle Pin
Bronze Thistle Brooch
Bronze Thistle Pin
Nevern Cross Pendant, Sterling Silver
Gold Nevern Cross
Gold Muiredach's Cross
Gold Chi-Rho Necklet
Gold Croes Hir Necklet
Gold Creyr Pendant
Gold Creyr Earrings
Gold Trinity Cross