Alaskan Jewelry by Judie Gumm

Judie Gumm is a noted jewelry designer from Ester, Alaska where she has been designing and manufacturing jewelry since 1970. She is recognized for her Alaskan nature designs, combining sterling silver and semiprecious stones in designs which feature the birds, fruits, berries and animals of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. We are pleased to offer a selection of her jewelry.

All of the pieces we offer are sterling silver lost wax castings. Many of the designs are highlighted with semiprecious stones, such as the Blueberry Pin with sterling silver leaves and lapis berries. Matching Blueberry Earrings and a Blueberry Pendant are available. A few pieces are sterling silver with enamel highlights, such as the delightful Hummingbird Pin in sterling silver with an enamel eye.

In other designs, the naturalistic portrayal is achieved by using an additional metal for color. For instance, the Wild Cherry Pin has a bronze branch, with sterling silver blossoms. The Cattail Pin and Earrings combine sterling silver leaves, gold filled sterling stems and amber cattails to achieve a very graceful and realistic portrayal.

All the Judie Gumm jewelry is made in Alaska.

Most of our sterling silver jewelry is available for immediate delivery and is sent to you gift boxed.