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Geier Glove

Geier Glove Company has been making driving and work gloves here in the state of Washington for over 70 years. Their leather gloves are known throughout the West for quality in fit and wear. Full-grain deer, goat, kangaroo, bison and elkskins are used. Some natural irregularities may be found, but any imperfections lowering the wearing qualities are avoided in cutting out the leather.

The Geier gloves we carry are made in the Gunn pattern. The seams along the fingers are at the back to provide longer wear, leaving a smooth surface where the fingers apply stress. There is a seam on the inside at the base of the two central fingers. Except on the lightweight gloves, welts are used on the seams of the thumb and base of fingers to protect the seams from wear. The thumb is the stick-out or wing pattern, for easy thumb movement.

Kangaroo Leather Gloves
We have brought together two of our suppliers to give you these superb kangaroo leather gloves. The glove leather is produced by Packer Leather. Packer has been tanning leather in Australia since 1891. Maintaining state-of-the-art technology, they are the recognized leader in the production of high performance kangaroo leathers. The gloves are made by Geier Glove in the USA, to complement their line of deerskin and elkskin gloves.

Kangaroo leather is strong, dense, wears well, and does not stiffen after being wet. It is available as a very thin leather, which will protect the skin with minimal loss of touch. Kangaroo has over three times the abrasion resistance and the tear strength of deerskin. We suggest these gloves for when you want the finest in driving, riding, and supple work gloves.

Kangaroo Leather Gloves
Comparative Characteristics of Kangaroo Leather

Glove Sizing
Your glove size is the measurement in inches around the palm of your hand. If you are right-handed, measure your right hand. If you are left-handed, measure your left hand. [Glove Sizing]

Glove Care
Gloves in normal use require little care. Gloves which are normally kept dry will pick up enough natural oils from the skin to keep them supple. If they do become wet, and somewhat stiff after drying, they will soon soften with wearing.

After some period of use, especially a soaking, most leather will benefit from a good leather dressing. All Geier Gloves can be made more water resistant by applying Pecard Leather Dressing. The full grain western chrome tanned finish leather of the Deer and Elkskin gloves give a particularly exceptional grip on tools and reins known as a "Western Drag". Since this dressing leaves a slightly waxy surface, it will alter the Western drag characteristic. For this reason we suggest you test the dressing on the back of a glove to evaluate the change. The dressing will darken light leather somewhat.

Kangaroo Driving Glove
Kangaroo Driving Glove
by Geier Glove
Heavy Duty Work Glove
Heavy Duty Work Glove
by Geier Glove
Western Fringed Gauntlet
Western Fringed Gauntlet
by Geier Glove
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