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We carry a range of brand name items, from well known brands like Akubra and Tilley through lesser known brands where the production runs are often too small to supply the larger retailers. Many of our suppliers are also family owned and operated. These items have in common their quality and the outstanding value they provide.
Mistletoe Earrings
Raven Stealing the Sun Bracelet
Hummingbird Bracelet
Maple Leaf Earrings, Fishhook
Legends Caliber Pants
Halibut Ring
Humpback Whale Pendant
Marconi Sloop Earrings
Male Rufous Hummingbird Pendant
Possum Blanket
Heron Pendant
Heron Pin
Heathergem Cat Pin
Sea Turtle Necklet, Left, 14 kt. Gold
Salmon Hook Pendant
Gold Salmon Hook Pendant
Great Horned Owl Necklace
Scolding Raven Pendant
Tree Frog Pin
Eagle Feather Earrings
Raven Stealing the Sun Bracelet, Copper
Heathergem Block End
Sandhill Crane Pin
Wild Turkey Pendant
Karaka Synthetic Fall
Karaka Synthetic Cracker
Beluga Whale Earrings, Fishhook
US Fish & Wildlife Inspection Service
Blueberry Twigs Necklace
Puffin Pendant
Heron Rising Pin
Claddagh Ring, 14 kt. Gold
Never Ending Hearts Ring, Gold
No. 3334Xg Ring without Diamond
Claddagh Ring, Sterling Silver
Tsimshian Orca Pendant
Lovebirds Whale's Tail Pendant
Orca Ring, Sterling Silver
Raven & the Box of Daylight Pin
Blue Heron Pendant