Snake Belt

From the sterling silver snake head buckle, along the curved and supple body, to the rawhide rattlers stitched on the tail, this belt is truly outstanding. Designed and hand braided by Larry Knapp, it is a fine example of the sophisticated leatherwork being produced in the American South West. Larry Knapp initially developed his skills in Spain where there is a long tradition of leatherwork. This 12 strand belt is braided and then molded with a flat inner side and rounded outer side. The leather used is the finest cowhide. The ends of the strands are tapered, covered, and finished with rawhide stitching. The specially made sterling silver snake head buckle has a hook on the back to hold the belt without pulling the braid on the outside. The belt is available in blended shades of brown to suggest a diamondback rattler and in solid black.

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