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Pecard Leather Dressing by Pecard

More ImagesLeather Care
$9.00United States
Item No. 1111  


Pecard Leather Dressing, quietly manufactured in Wisconsin since 1902, is the unrecognized jewel among the many leather dressings on the market today. It is based on a petroleum lubricant similar to vaseline, with additions of selected waxes including beeswax. It is a dressing which penetrates the leather, allows the fibres to bend and move without chafing and breaking, coats the fibres to inhibit oxidation, and helps maintain a desirable level of moisture in the leather. Fine leather deserves good care. We recommend Pecard Leather Dressing for all your leather care. 6 oz. tub.

16 oz. Pecard Leather Dressing
16 oz. Pecard Leather Dressing
by Pecard
Hipster Wallet, Kangaroo Leather
Hipster Wallet, Kangaroo Leather
by Adori Leathergoods
Multi-Brown Snake Belt
Multi-Brown Snake Belt
by Cordon y Cuero
Leather Belt, 1.5 inch, No Buckle
Leather Belt, 1.5 inch, No Buckle
by Phillip Hawk
Hummingbird Earrings
Hummingbird Earrings
by Cavin Richie
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