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Lace Cutter by David Morgan

More ImagesHow to Cut Lace
Trimming a Kangaroo Skin
Item No. 949  


Designed for our own leather workshop, this lace cutter has been an essential tool for many years. The beechwood handle is easy to grip. It holds an injector blade that adjusts the lace width from under 1/8 inch up to about 1/2 inch. The lace cutter is simple and durable. Two razor blades are included with each cutter. Made in USA.

Although the lace cutter is adjustable, we find it easiest to use multiple cutters set to each width we routinely need. For more information on using the lace cutter, please see David Morgan's book Braiding Fine Leather or our video snippet at How to Cut Lace.

Braiding Fine Leather
Braiding Fine Leather
by David Morgan
Kangaroo Skin, Natural, Light
Kangaroo Skin, Natural, Light
by Packer Leather
1/8 inch Kangaroo Lace
1/8 inch Kangaroo Lace
by David Morgan
Bronze Dees, 1.5 inch, 2 sets
Bronze Dees, 1.5 inch, 2 sets
Hipster Wallet, Kangaroo Leather
Hipster Wallet, Kangaroo Leather
by Adori Leathergoods
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