Akubras and Boots Make Perfect Companions

February 17, 2012

Two of our Akubra retailers were gracious enough to send us photos of an Akubra atop their boots. We are proud that these companies offer Akubra hats alongside their superbly crafted boots.


Alcala Boots

These Lucchese Ostrich Leather Boots go perfectly with a high quality Akubra. The hat shown here is our Snowy River.


Visit Alcala’s Western Wear in Chicago.


Falconhead Boots

Falconhead’s Tres Outlaws Alligator boots with an Akubra Boss make a striking duo.


Visit Falconhead Boots in Los Angeles.







Keep Your Fingers Walking

January 6, 2012

Are you texting in the January cold with bare fingers? Perhaps you’ve tried using a pair of gloves and your text messages aR_ turN*73(GA INT)… well, you understand.


We have the solution here at David Morgan. Keep your hands snug with a pair of our Fingerless Possum Gloves, and keep your fingertips free.




Possum Fingerless Gloves


Our gloves come in natural and charcoal. They work great in cold offices, too. Your fingers won’t cramp on the keyboard.




Possum Wool

Geier Gloves





Akubras and Rain

November 23, 2011

Akubra hats are designed to protect you from the sun and rain. The felt is dyed and no powders are added. This means that you do not have to worry that your hat will streak if it gets wet.


When you wear your hat in a brief shower, the water will first bead up — in a light rain, you may never see the felt absorb the water. In a heavy shower or a long walk in the rain, the felt will get wet. However, the water will not seep through the hat. Felt provides good insulation when wet, so you will remain comfortable.


Whenever your hat gets wet, let it air dry. Do not put it near a heat source, since heat may shrink the hat. Hang it on a hook, if possible. If you do not have a hook, rest it on its crown. Leaving a hat on its brim will flatten and distort the brim.


Below we’ve pictured David’s thirty-something year old Bushman. He wears it on his daily walk. In the Pacific Northwest, a hat is essential in the winter.


a dry hat


David’s dry Bushman.



nice and wet

Back from a walk, nice and wet.




Akubra Hats

Proper Hat Sizing







Write Your Own David Morgan Review

November 11, 2011

Is there something special about your David Morgan product that you want to tell others? You now have the opportunity to review it on our website!


The review includes an overall rating of one to five stars. You can also mention the pros and cons of the product.


If you want to say more, there is a comment section. Plus, add your own images and videos!


Will Morgan says that “We hope these reviews will not only help people find suitable products but also enable us to improve product quality.”


To write a review, go to the specific product on our website. Under the “Add to Cart” button, you will see a link to write a review. Click the link, and then click a second link that says, “Write a Review” under the “Review Snapshot” header.


Have fun!



review page



Stampede String Video Available

September 30, 2011

For those of you who love our kangaroo leather chinstraps but don’t have hooks in your hat, you can now use a David Morgan stampede string.


Identical to our chinstraps, except for the ends, they are light and durable. A sliding knot joins together the two, four plait braids. It is ideal for both our Heritage Collection and Panama hats.


Watch the video below to for instructions on attaching the stampede string. You can also get written instructions here.







Stampede Strings

Hat Accessories






How to Make a Long Oval

January 14, 2011

When you first purchase a hat, you may be surprised that, even though it’s the right size, it may not sit properly on your head. Like a pair of jeans or shoes, a hat may need time to adjust to the shape of your head. And for many people, their head is a little longer then the normal shape of the hat. If this is the case, then your head is a long oval.


With a long oval, the hat must be elongated from the front to the back. This will pull the sides in closer to the head. There are two methods of shaping the hat.


One tried and true way is to follow the old cowboys. Get the hat wet and wear it until it dries.  Wetting the hat loosens the felt enough to conform to your head shape. Once you wear the hat and continue to wear it, it will maintain its shape.


The second way is much easier. All you need is a hat stretcher and a tea kettle.  David will show you the rest:


David Morgan Has That Unique Christmas Gift

December 10, 2010

With Christmas just two weeks away, you might be a little nervous if you haven’t found the right gift. Don’t worry! David Morgan carries a large selection of unique items. Our Pacific NW Indian Jewelry will please anyone with an artistic bent while our socks can satisfy those with a more practical side.


Below are two items that David Morgan has recently acquired:


For 150 years, Begg Scarves have been the epitome of style and craftsmanship.  Their classic design will last long after any fad has faded away. Our lambswool scarves are incredibly warm and light. The Jura wool provides warmth and wicking properties while the Angora adds a silky feel. Colors: bordeaux, denim, evergreen, cooper beige (beige and light blue stripes) and ontario blue (blue plaid with red and white)


Begg Scarves

Note: Begg scarves are no longer sold.

Boma’s trivets lend both form and function to any kitchen. Made of recycled glass, it can be heated up to 340 degrees Fahrenheit. But don’t let the sturdiness fool you.  The frog and salmon designs should hang on your kitchen wall when not in use. They are that beautiful. Colors: rosewood and slate gray


Boma Frog Trivet in Rosewood

Boma Salmon Trivet in Slate

Kangaroo Lace

September 10, 2010

David Morgan sells two types of lace: hand-cut and machine-cut. There are advantages and disadvantages to each. Use the information below to help plan your next braiding project.



Hand-Cut Lace:


Hand-cut lace is best for small projects, such as hat bands and lanyards. The lace is cut in our own workshop. Unlike a machine, we are able to avoid any scars in the skin.  We stretch and test each roll. There is, at a maximum, only one join per 60 foot roll. Available in black and tan. Sizes: 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch.


1/8 inch Hand-Cut Lace

1/8 Inch Hand-Cut Lace


Machine-Cut Lace:


Machine-cut lace is cheaper than our hand-cut lace and is recommended for beginners. However, a machine cannot navigate around scars and will include weak points in the lace. It is also not stretched and tested. There are usually two to three joins per 50 meters of lace. Available in black and tan. Sizes: 3 mm and 6 mm (approximately 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch).


Machine-Cut Lace

1/4 Inch Machine-Cut Lace




Lace Cutters

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