Hopsack Suspenders Now in Green

October 6, 2017

All of our hopsack suspenders are available in a beautiful green color. Hopsack is a rugged weave that is also lightweight. These are great for heavy work. We have four types of hopsack: X-Back, Y-BackX-Back with Clips and Trucker. They are all 2 inches wide and made by Welch Suspenders, out of Oregon.


HopSack Suspenders, Green, X Back. Made in USA by Welch



Welch Suspenders




Driza-Bone Now in Midweight

February 9, 2017

Driza-Bone has created a midweight version of its world-famous coats. The midweight coat weighs 30% less than its heavyweight counterpart, allowing for more flexibility while providing superior protection.

According to the Driza-Bone website, the traditional oilskin first came into existence in the 1890’s when British sailor Emilius Le Roy had the idea of creating an indestructible wet-weather jacket made from recycled ship sails that were treated with oil. From here, the oilskin legend was born and would later become the famous wet-weather coat and an Australian workwear staple.

Driza-Bone Short Coat in midweight black

Driza-Bone Short Coat in midweight black


Driza-Bone Riding Coat in midweight black

Driza-Bone Riding Coat in midweight black


The midweight is still a fine, 2-ply cotton with a high count weave. If you were looking for a more flexible version of the duster, this is your chance.

Available in black.




Cavin Jewelry Now Available in Silver

January 6, 2017

We are very proud of our Cavin in Bronze jewelry. Cavin’s attention to detail and fine craftsmanship
has produced a high quality series of jewelry. Now we are introducing several of the same items in silver. These pieces do not have the antiquing of the bronze jewelry, but the detailing is superb.

Shown are the images for the Sea Turtle Pendant and Earrings. Also available are the Sea Turtle Necklet and the Tree Frog Earrings.


Sea Turtle Necklet, Sterling Silver.


Sea Turtle Earrings, Sterling Silver.



Cavin Jewelry

Back by Popular Demand: The Tilley Ivy Cap

October 7, 2016

After a prolonged absence, Tilley is reinstating their iconic Ivy Cap. Made with stylish Harris Tweed, the cap has an elasticized sweatband to ensure a comfortable fit. It has discreet tuckaway ear warmers and a Hydrofil® polyester lining to wick away moisture.

Harris Tweed cloth is produced in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland from 100% virgin wool using traditional methods. For centuries, the cloth was only known locally. In 1846, Lady Dunmore, widow of the landowner of Harris, the Earl of Dunmore, chose to have their clan tartan replicated by Harris weavers in tweed. Since then, Harris Tweed has become famous throughout the world, protected by its own Act of Parliament.

The wool, primarily from sheep on the Scottish mainland, is dyed before spinning. The cloth is woven on treadle looms at each weaver’s home, then returned to the factory for finishing. The resulting Harris Tweed is a beautiful, durable cloth with the natural warmth and water resistance of a pure wool.

Tilley Ivy Cap. Harris tweed, made in Canada

Tilley Ivy Cap. Harris tweed, made in Canada


Tilley Hats


Why We Like Prison Blues

August 11, 2016

With their catchy slogan, “Made to Do Hard Time,” Prison Blues boldly claims that their clothing can withstand the toughest workouts. We’ve been carrying several of their products for a few years now and our customers have been extremely pleased.

Prison Blues is located in Pendleton, Oregon. All of their Prison Blues brand clothing are made by inmates currently serving time at the Eastern Oregon Correctional Institute.

In 1989, the Prison Blues garment factory began carrying high-quality shirts, work jackets, jeans and other denim work apparel. Their main goal was to significantly reduce the burden of incarceration costs on taxpayers. Prison Blues gives inmates the ability to earn a prevailing industry wage while paying for their own incarceration costs and other payments. Never forgetting their roots, the denim jeans and denim apparel sold by Prison Blues is still worn by inmates throughout Oregon.

When you are getting a Prison Blues item, not only are you getting a high-quality item, but you are also helping inmates.


Prison Blues Yard Coat

Prison Blues Yard Coat


Prison Blues Work Jeans

Prison Blues Work Jeans


Prison Blues Western Jacket

Prison Blues Western Jacket



Prison Blues Apparel

Cavin Jewelery Now Available in Silver and Gold

July 29, 2016

Due to the incredible popularity of our Cavin in Bronze Series, we have begun to expand our line into silver and gold. Our first animal is the sea turtle. Available in both a pendant and earrings, Cavin’s attention to detail is as striking in silver and gold as in bronze. A sea turtle swimming is the epitome of grace and beauty–one of Nature’s spectacles.


Sea Turtle Pendant, Sterling Silver. Designed by Cavin Richie, made in USA.

Sea Turtle Pendant, Sterling Silver. Designed by Cavin Richie, made in USA.


Sea Turtle Earrings, Sterling Silver. Designed by Cavin Richie, made in USA.

Sea Turtle Earrings, Sterling Silver. Designed by Cavin Richie, made in USA.



Cavin Richie Silver and Gold

Tilley Fights the Summer Heat

July 1, 2016

If you need a hat for summer, but are worried that a fur felt is too much for the heat, you can always try a straw hat. Another alternative is to go with a Tilley.

Tilley started in 1980 when Alex Tilley needed a good hat for sailing and couldn’t find one. He decided to make one himself. Sparing no effort, he sought advice from a milliner, sailmaker and hat maker, and, as he says, “got it right”. Only afterwards, when he saw that he had an outstanding hat, did he decide to sell it through stores.

There are two summer hats from Tilley that you can enjoy. Both are light and comfortable, pack easily and provide good sun protection.

The Airflo is vented. It is made from Nylamtium® fabric, a strong water-and-mildew resistant nylon that provides lightweight protection from the sun. The polyester mesh incorporated in the crown is a distinctive feature and allows air circulation.


Tilley’s Hemp Hat is more rugged, but will also provide proper sun protection.



Tilley Hats

The Ruf Duck Apron

March 18, 2016

If you need an apron for any outdoor work, Ruf Duck’s will suit all your needs. It’s unique design places the straps on your shoulders rather than on the back of your neck. This way you can avoid “neck fatigue.”

There are no pockets to catch water or chemicals. Cleans and dries easily.



Ruf Duck

Packing Marks in a Hat

July 3, 2014

We prepare our hats so that they are protected during shipping, but sometimes the parcel can be improperly handled. When this occurs, our felt hats may receive packing marks. These will appear as white marks on the brim, next to the crown. It is very easy to fix this problem. Often a brush will remove the marks. If not, the next alternative is to use a light dusting of steam.

When steaming a hat, it’s best to use a tea kettle. The spout at the top of the kettle makes a perfect channel for the steam. In fact, most hat steamers are just glorified tea kettles. If you don’t have a tea kettle, a pot of boiling water will also work. Just make sure that you keep your hands clear of the hot steam!

Follow the simple instructions below, and you’ll have your hat free of packing marks in less than 30 seconds.

There is also a video on YouTube that you can watch


Packing marks (over exaggerated  


A steamer. But a tea kettle works just as well


Applying steam. Note the distance. Do not put the steam directly on the hat. 6-8 inches is a good distance


The finished product. Total time, 15 seconds.






Cavin Richie – Profiles in Craftsmanship

April 18, 2014

Cavin Richie moved to the Puget Sound area in 1970 to be near the sea. For over thirty years his carvings have reflected his surroundings. All of his work is highly detailed. His line includes birds, mammals and amphibians. He begins the lost wax casting process using shed elk antler and woolly mammoth ivory. Cavin loves the earthy look of bronze and the way it shows the detail of his original designs.

“Carving,” says Cavin “is like touching antiquity. I feel a kinship with a long lineage of carvers dating back to the Pleistocene.”

Below are the steps that Cavin uses to create each of his remarkable pieces. The carving alone can take up to twenty hours. Each piece is a miniature sculpture.



Cavin begins by sketching the wildlife into the shed antler.



The antler is smoothed.



The wildlife is cut out of the antler.



Details are added to the piece.



A rubber mold is created that will be used for the wax model.



A wax model is created. A second mold is created around the wax model.



Liquid bronze is poured into the mold. When the bronze cools, the bronze piece is removed from the mold.



The rough casting is chased, the findings are soldered on and the patina is applied.


Watch Cavin on our YouTube channel.


Profiles in Craftsmanship:





Wildlife in Bronze