Haida Watchmen

December 24, 2015

A Haida custom is to place watchmen on the top of totem poles. These iconic figures can be seen throughout the Haida lands and represent sentinels who keep guard over the Haida people.

Since the 1980s, however, Haida Watchmen are real people who keep a lookout over old Haida villages and protect them from vandalism.

Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve’s cultural resource manager Barb Wilson says the Skidegate Band Council started the Watchmen program in the early 1980s because they wanted more people out on the land.

People had always been out on their territory, but around this time a lot of “pot hunting” was going on—people digging for artifacts and taking them without permission, she says. Some even cut pieces off monumental poles that had fallen. In fact, the Haida Gwaii Museum has a pole fragment on display that was recovered from a tourist’s yacht after a Haida noticed them at the dock in Prince Rupert.

The full story can be read here. The watchmen are beautiful works of art. We’re happy to have them as one of our chess pieces and as a keychain.




Watchman Pawn



Watchmen Pawn

Watchmen Keychain


The Band John Wayne Would Have Worn

August 9, 2013

In our latest YouTube video, Mike demonstrates how to put an Edge Ridge Hat Band on an Akubra Pilbara hat. American Cowboy magazine chose the Edge Ridge Hat Band for their John Wayne commemorative issue.

We customized this Pilbara with a pinched telescope crease and some brim curl. Please note that we do not bash pre-creased hats like the Pilbara as part of our shaping service. You may wish to watch our other creasing videos to help you learn how to put this shape in a Pilbara yourself.


Akubra Hats




WESA 2013 a Great Success!

February 1, 2013

The Western and English Sales Association convention in Denver was a tremendous success. This year, Alex and Mike took reins of the booth. They met a few of our vendors and met some new wholesale customers that we’ll be excited to do business with.

denver hotel room

Denver from the hotel room.

It’s a cold day for those of us from Seattle! Temps down to zero at night.

denver at night

Denver Federal Building at night.


fire dance

The fashion show begins with a fire dance.


fashion show

Fashion Show


fashion show

Fashion Show


fashion show

Fashion Show



fashion show

Fashion Show


downtown denver

Downtown Denver


mike long oval

Mike makes a long oval


david morgan booth

The David Morgan booth


just one beer

Just one beer will do


bc hats

Edward Strozier and Will Conner from BC Hats



Dinner companions: BC Hats, Shady Brady Hats and Akubra Hats


alex at booth

Alex watching the booth






What is Oprah’s Favorite Akubra? – Update

May 20, 2011

Last fall we posted that Oprah would take an adventure to Australia. (See below.) We speculated that she was wearing a Cattleman.


Recently the Washington Post spotted her with Ralph Lauren at his ranch in Telluride, Colorado. She is indeed wearing a Cattleman. The color is regency fawn.





Original Post From Last February:


This December Oprah will go on an adventure to Australia with 300 of her fans.


We’re sure she’ll have a great trip, after all, she’s already got her hat. Speaking of hats, is that an Akubra Cattleman that she’s wearing?


Update:  See more photos from Hat Life.





David Morgan Featured on Cash Cab

March 10, 2011

Recently, the David Morgan Company was featured as a question on Cash Cab.  Here is the question and answer as recorded on the website Livedash:


All right. So, here’s your first question.


Since 1981,the David Morgan Company has crafted 38 kangaroo-hide bullwhips for the use of what Harrison Ford on-screen archeologist?


Um — oh, man,why am I blanking on this?


Indiana Jones. Indiana Jones.


Indiana Jones.


That’s it. We got our first.



It’s always fun to see a pop cultural reference to our company!




Indiana Jones Whips

Whips and Whipmaking

American Cowboy Features the Edge Ridge Hat Band

February 4, 2011

American Cowboy recently issued a Collector’s Edition dedicated to John Wayne. Page 46 features a picture of Wayne in traditional western gear. They then list all of the places you can purchase similar items today. We are pleased that American Cowboy recommended David Morgan’s own Edge Ridge Hat Band. The article was written by accomplished Western Stylist Thea Marx.


All of our braided hat bands are made of kangaroo leather. Besides being one of the strongest leathers around, kangaroo leather is also supple and light. Not only do we use it for our hat bands, but also for our chin straps and whips.


Edge Ridge Hat Band





Hat Bands

Leather Braided Goods

Indy Should Have Worn an Akubra

October 14, 2010

We know Akubra means quality. But nothing speaks better than personal testimony.  We received this story from Mr. Gordon McDonald, whose Akubra experienced a trial of Biblical proportions.  

I just wanted to tell you about the fantastic quality of your Akubra hats and an interesting story.


Last year my family and I moved to Jerusalem, Israel to attend university.

I purchased one of your hats for both style, quality and the brand “an Australian icon”.


Last January, while visiting the ancient site of Qumran ( the home of the Dead Sea Scrolls ) I lent my Akubra hat to my wife, as it was quite chilly. Well within twenty minutes a gust of wind blew it off her head and landed in the deepest cistern (well) at the archaeological site. Probably about 15-20 metres deep.

The park/site authorities had no means of getting my beloved hat out of the cistern.


It rained several times throughout our winter months and sustained temperatures of +40C (104 F).


As I visited the site a few times, I noticed my Akubra hat would rise and sink a few inches, mainly due to water collecting when it did rain.


Finally, eight months later, I got a fishing line, 3 barbed fishing hook and a sinker and retrieved my hat.  It was covered with all sorts of dust and dirt.


When I came home, I used my trusty Miele vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt as best as possible.


Well, the photos tell the rest of the story, as it may fit a little tighter, but my hat was restored to its nearly pristine condition.


I as well as my colleagues can’t believe that the hat looks as good as it does, with being in the cistern in the harsh Judean wilderness for 8 months.


Thank you for making such a great product. This is one hat, I will always treasure.





Thanks for a wonderful story. Akubra always holds up in a pinch.



Hat Etiquette

August 13, 2010

As the popularity in hats increases, several generations of men are now confused on how to properly wear, and, just as importantly, not wear, a hat. 

Andy Gilchrist, founder of Ask Andy About Clothes and sartorial maven, offers several tips on hat etiquette:

A hat should be removed when inside, except for public areas such as lobbies, corridors and non-residential elevators. When a lady is present in an elevator, the hat must be removed. 

A hat must be removed for the National Anthem, passing of the Flag and funeral processions, outdoor weddings, dedications, and photographs.

It is acceptable for women to wear hats in Christian churches, (it was once required, but the custom has all but disappeared) but disrespectful for men to wear them. 

Never hold the hat so that the lining is visible.

Tip your hat by lifting it slightly off of your forehead. You should tip it when meeting a lady or to say to anyone, male or female: thank you, excuse me, hello, goodbye, you’re welcome or how do you do. Tipping the hat is a gesture of politeness.

I’d like to add one more suggestion. If you are unsure of the situation, display your gentlemanly manners by removing your hat. No one will ever be displeased by a sign of respect.


Akubra Hats

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