Show Us Your Hat Style

July 8, 2011

We’re looking for customers who wouldn’t mind appearing on the David Morgan website. Send us a photograph of yourself in any hat that you have purchased from David Morgan.


We’d like to place your photograph with that particular hat under our ‘more images’ tab. If you would like, please also send in your first name and location.


We will also have a blog page with everyone’s submission. Send your photo to


Alberto’s grandson in his Lightning Ridge


Indy Should Have Worn an Akubra

October 14, 2010

We know Akubra means quality. But nothing speaks better than personal testimony.  We received this story from Mr. Gordon McDonald, whose Akubra experienced a trial of Biblical proportions.  

I just wanted to tell you about the fantastic quality of your Akubra hats and an interesting story.


Last year my family and I moved to Jerusalem, Israel to attend university.

I purchased one of your hats for both style, quality and the brand “an Australian icon”.


Last January, while visiting the ancient site of Qumran ( the home of the Dead Sea Scrolls ) I lent my Akubra hat to my wife, as it was quite chilly. Well within twenty minutes a gust of wind blew it off her head and landed in the deepest cistern (well) at the archaeological site. Probably about 15-20 metres deep.

The park/site authorities had no means of getting my beloved hat out of the cistern.


It rained several times throughout our winter months and sustained temperatures of +40C (104 F).


As I visited the site a few times, I noticed my Akubra hat would rise and sink a few inches, mainly due to water collecting when it did rain.


Finally, eight months later, I got a fishing line, 3 barbed fishing hook and a sinker and retrieved my hat.  It was covered with all sorts of dust and dirt.


When I came home, I used my trusty Miele vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt as best as possible.


Well, the photos tell the rest of the story, as it may fit a little tighter, but my hat was restored to its nearly pristine condition.


I as well as my colleagues can’t believe that the hat looks as good as it does, with being in the cistern in the harsh Judean wilderness for 8 months.


Thank you for making such a great product. This is one hat, I will always treasure.





Thanks for a wonderful story. Akubra always holds up in a pinch.



A Memorable Whip

May 14, 2010

We recently received a whip from Mike Hines, MD for repair.  It was a beautiful fifteen foot bullwhip made by Swaine Adney Brigg in the UK and in excellent condition.  Along with the whip, he sent us a story on how he discovered it.  With his permission, here is the story:

As a youngster growing up in Texas, I had developed a longstanding appreciation of the appeal cast by a skillfully wielded bullwhip. My fascination began with Lash LaRue movies and the marvelous circus wild animal trainer Clyde Beatty in the 1940’s and never waned. Then, in 1952, I saw a movie entitled “Kangaroo” (Peter Lawford, Richard Boone, Maureen O’Hara) filmed in Australia, and it included a long, 5 minute bullwhip fight between Lawford and Boone. I was hooked for good, except I couldn’t find a whip to own that I felt met the standards my dreams demanded.


In the summer of 1955, after my sophomore year in college, a high school classmate and I spent 2 months riding around Europe and England on used motorcycles (and using the accumulated savings account I had started in the 3rd grade for funding my part). Our stay ended in Great Britain (we flew home from Glasgow, Scotland). During our two-day stay in London, we meandered amongst the upscale shops downtown and, quite by chance, into a store specializing in leather goods (another fixation of mine).  The company, Swaine Adney Brigg, is appointed as “Whip and Glove Makers” to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  The prices were (and still are) quite high and we were “running on empty”…..BUT…..there on display away from the luggage and umbrellas was “The Whip”. I don’t remember the price, but it wasn’t in the category of the other products there.


It was an epiphany; it was, at that moment, THE reason I had crossed the Atlantic Ocean. It became mine and was the single souvenir of my summer in Europe that I brought back (besides the unforgettable memories, of course.) I have promised it to my only grandson, now ten years old, who seems to share my respect for this beautiful example of the whip maker’s craft. I was told by the store representative (they aren’t “Salespersons” in upscale London shops) that it is kangaroo hide, so it is a constant connection with the dream born of my movie going youth and nourished over the decades to this day.





Swaine Adney and Brigg is still in existence, though we don’t see any whips online. However, they do still make the James Bond attaché used in the movie,  “From Russia With Love”. 


David has two of their whips: a bullwhip and a lion tamer whip. Swayne & Adeney

The Lion Tamer Whip’s handle is 33 inches long, while the thong stretches to 88 inches.  Definitely the length needed when facing a lion!



Whips and Whipmaking

Braiding Fine Leather

Whips of the West

Show Us Your Hats

April 16, 2009

We’d love to see our customers wearing an Akubra or a Panama.  Send us your photos here and we’ll put them up on our blog or on our customer photo sections within our online catalog.  For starters, here’s a photo of one of our employees on vacation in the San Juans.  His hat is the Angler:


Here are three photos of our customer, Hans-Dieter Zimmer from Germany wearing his Adventurer.  Thanks, Hans-Dieter!





The Angler

The Adventurer

Akubra Hats


Vintage Photographs

March 4, 2009

Maytie and Bob Leinweber brought a whip to us for repair.  We’re not sure what the whip is, but it appears to be a California style 8 plait Latigo.  It is a swivel-handle bullwhip.  The white and brown diamond pattern you see near the handle is from an extra set of strands braided into the whip for reinforcement.  An example of the whip can be seen in Whips and Whipmaking on page 25.

Later, Maytie sent us these pictures of Bob as a young man.  She explains:

These are the fun photos (no alcohol involved) taken by Bob Leinweber’s dad, Clarence.  They are of Bob and his friends Doug Peak, Richard Houghton & Doug Marshell for their friend Max Lacey who had joined the Navy and later went to Vietnam.  The pictures were taken in summer of 1961.  One of the pistols held by Bob is an original 1851 Navy Colt.  Bob and Doug learned the skills of the Bull Whip in 1958  and enjoyed their Whip Cracking Display for their friends and classmates all through school and into Bob’s Forest Ranger Days in Sequoia National Park, California.  Bob’s 16 foot Bull Whip was originally purchased out of a nationally known catalog in 1957. 

Thanks Maytie and Bob for the great photographs!  We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.







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