Prison Blues Introduces New Colors

May 21, 2024

Prison Blues has recently sent us their new Rigid Olive color tone garments. Made from 100% US cotton canvas, this material is a tightly woven fabric that’s stronger than denim. The Rigid Olive Canvas is a perfect fit for active work days, being made from a lighter weight and more comfortable fabric.

These products are hand-crafted by inmates serving time at the Eastern Oregon Correction Institution. The garments have helped create a work program that has given inmates an opportunity to pay their bills, build a work ethic, and gain a longstanding work skill.

In addition to their Rigid Olive color option, Prison Blues has added Charcoal. Now available in their Work Shirt line, be sure to check out the Charcoal color if you’re out playing in the dirt and need a reliable, long-lasting work shirt.

Known for their great quality and value, we recommend Prison Blues whether for casual or work wear. “Made on the Inside to be worn on the Outside.”

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