Buy the Hat that Winks at You

July 15, 2016

David’s favorite phrase for helping a hat customer was, “Buy the hat that winks at you.” Why such simple advice? Why not use the drawings on the Internet that compare face shapes with hat shapes?

David believed that you look best in a hat that you like, regardless of how it fits proportionally. We have many customers that come into our store wanting the Adventurer. And why not? With the Indy Bash it has a style of its own. Your head might be considered “too small” for a hat with such a wide brim and tall crown, but if you feel good wearing it, you will radiate that feeling. It becomes a part of you. You do not become a part of the hat.

We also have people with large heads who want to wear the stingy-brimmed Hampton. It gives the modern look that many younger men (and women) enjoy.

If you are looking for a hat that fits proportionally to your head size and face shape, by all means use the drawings online. A well-proportioned hat looks fantastic, and will complement what you wear. But if you are magically drawn to a hat, go ahead and wear it, regardless of its proportions.


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