What’s a Long Oval? What’s a Wide Oval?

July 31, 2015

Just like shoes, hats are made on standard blocks that hat manufacturers use to accommodate the majority of hat wearers.

But many of us don’t have an average head shape. Our heads are a little longer in the front and back. When we put on the hat, it pinches in the front and back and leaves a gap on the side. This is called, having a long oval.

Many people will think their hat is too small and order a larger size. This is a mistake. In fact, the hat will usually conform to your head shape over time. But to speed up the process, you can manually adjust the hat.

How do you know if you are a long oval? While the hat is on your head, grasp the brim on the sides, with the fingers above and thumbs below the brim. Hold it close to where the brim meets the crown, and push in. The hat should elongate and settle in a more comfortable position. If you are happy with the elongated fit, then you are a long oval.

We have a video on YouTube for shaping your hat.

Finally, for the rare, wide-ovaled person, your hat will be wider on the side than in the front. The only solution to this problem, unfortunately, is to go one size larger and put pads in the front and back.


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