Bushman Color in Sunlight

January 30, 2015

We will often get requests for hat color descriptions. This is understandable because a picture does not always capture an item’s true color. While we can do our best to match a catalog photograph with an item, it is much more difficult on a computer screen. With monitors, each person has a slightly different setting.

Also, a hat color can look much different depending on the type of light. A hat under fluorescents will bring out different colors than sunlight.

With those caveats in mind, we’d like to show you the difference between the Bushman’s Nullarbor Tan.

This is the standard photograph that you’ll find on the David Morgan website:

1606_open_lg6_opAnd this is the color when outside on a clear, sunny day.


bushman outside

There are many variables with hat color. Just one more factor to look at when choosing a hat.

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