Kangaroo Hide Color Changes

May 8, 2014

There have been a few times when our customers wondered why their new kangaroo leather goods were a light tan and not a dark brown. This is understandable when you see a photo of Indiana Jones with his dark brown whip

When we receive our kangaroo leather, it is a light tan. Almost immediately the color begins to darken. In the two photos below, the two whips are placed on top of a piece of kangaroo leather that we received a few months ago. You can see in the image how light the skin is.

Compare the skin with the two whips. The lighter whip in the photographs is approximately one year old. The darker whip is approximately ten years old. Both have remained indoors and have not been directly exposed to sunlight.



Close up of two whip handles, ages (left to right) one year and ten years.



Two whips, ages one and ten years.

We strongly recommend that you do not try to prematurely age your skin. This is a natural substance and excessive trauma on the skin will weaken it. We all know what happens to our skin when we expose it to intense sunlight and heat


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