Akubras and Rain

November 23, 2011

Akubra hats are designed to protect you from the sun and rain. The felt is dyed and no powders are added. This means that you do not have to worry that your hat will streak if it gets wet.


When you wear your hat in a brief shower, the water will first bead up — in a light rain, you may never see the felt absorb the water. In a heavy shower or a long walk in the rain, the felt will get wet. However, the water will not seep through the hat. Felt provides good insulation when wet, so you will remain comfortable.


Whenever your hat gets wet, let it air dry. Do not put it near a heat source, since heat may shrink the hat. Hang it on a hook, if possible. If you do not have a hook, rest it on its crown. Leaving a hat on its brim will flatten and distort the brim.


Below we’ve pictured David’s thirty-something year old Bushman. He wears it on his daily walk. In the Pacific Northwest, a hat is essential in the winter.


a dry hat


David’s dry Bushman.



nice and wet

Back from a walk, nice and wet.




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