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Signal Whips & Quirts

Photo courtesy of the Alaska Dog Mushers' Association
Photograph courtesy of the Alaska Dog Mushers' Association.

As part of our specialty interest in leather braiding, we offer a number of signal whips and quirts, all hand crafted in the USA.

Signal Whips
Our signal whips are specially made for sled dog racers. The whip is a flexible heavily loaded shot whip in an 8 strand kangaroo braid. The braided cracker is braided into the point of the whip. These whips are available in Natural Tan or Black. Our own production, hand crafted in the USA.

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Dog Quirts
Dog quirts are used, or more correctly carried, as a symbol of authority by those running dogs in field trials. This quirt may be rolled up to fit in a pocket. It is in an 8 strand kangaroo hide braid, shot loaded, 30 inches long plus a double lash, available in Natural Tan or Black. Our own production, hand crafted in the USA.

Dog Quirt, Natural
Dog Quirt, Black

Dog Training Accessories
We offer a number of accessories for dog trainers.

List Dog Training Accessories

Care and Maintenance of Signal Whips
Signal whips should be held with the knob at the end in the palm of the hand, with the whip allowed to swivel in the hand so as to reduce the bending stress in the thong near the knob. If the whip is held firmly in the hand, and the thong forced to bend severely near the knob, the whip will fail prematurely in the area of excess bending.

The ends of the braided leather buried under the thread of the cracker will poke out as the whip is cracked. This is no cause for concern. The thread is much more elastic than the leather, and so when the whip is cracked the thread tends to creep out over the leather ends and allow the ends to poke out. There are three knots holding the ends of the strands, spaced to ensure that the whip does not unravel. It is best to leave the ends that poke out, and not to trim them off.

When the fluff on the end of the cracker wears down to the knot, this knot may be undone or cut, to form a second fluff which may be worn down to the next knot, at which time the cracker should be replaced.

We will replace braided crackers when needed at a charge of $35.00 plus handling. Please return your whip by insured post or United Parcel (further info).

As with all whips, the signal whips should be given a coating of Pecard Leather Dressing every few months, more frequently if used in wet snow. For more general information please refer to our Care of Whips page.

For more information ...
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Dog Quirt
Dog Quirt
by David Morgan
Pecard Leather Dressing
Pecard Leather Dressing
by Pecard
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