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Chess Set with Board by Boma

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Chess BoardChristian White
Item No. B223  


This chess set is a reproduction of an argillite chess set in the Canadian Civilization Museumís Haida Gwaii collection. The set was carved by Christian M. White, a member of the Haida Nation, in 1997. In creating the set, he spent a great deal of time reflecting on how to portray the Haida culture within chess traditions. His inpiration came from the seven main figures of Haida mythology. As a game of chess has only six characters, the two Rooks were each assigned a different Haida figure, completing the Haida pantheon without affecting the strategy of the game. The artist chose his fatherís Eagle clan to represent the King and his motherís Raven clan to represent the Queen. The Bishop Frog, Orca (Killer Whale) Knight, Rook Bear, Rook Beaver and human form of the Watchman complete the set. The museum quality reproductions are made from a natural resin composite to attain the heft of the argillite originals. The chess set is comprised of 16 black pieces and 16 white pieces, plus an elegant chess board. Made in Canada by Boma.

Chess Board
Chess Board
by Boma
Chess Set (without board)
Chess Set (without board)
by Boma
Eagle King Totem
Eagle King Totem
by Boma
Raven Queen Totem
Raven Queen Totem
by Boma
Wolf Print  Earrings, Post
Wolf Print Earrings, Post
by Cavin Richie
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