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Filson Clothing

Please note: After more than 25 years of carrying Filson products, and introducing the Filson brand to many customers across the US, we have decided to discontinue carrying the line. This was not an easy decision, in that we are still great fans of Filson's quality and practicality. However, the current Filson retailer policies do not allow us to meet our company aim of bringing our customers distinctive high quality items at prices that give outstanding value.

We are offering our remaining Filson stock at favorable prices. These items are limited to stock on hand. We are unable to fill orders for sizes or colors we do not have in stock.

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Filson was established in Seattle, Washington in 1897 to supply clothing for the Alaska gold rush. Filson chose to supply the best quality available, and did so successfully. From the prospectors and miners their sales soon extended to the construction workers and loggers throughout Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. Today Filson, recognized for its comfort, protection and durability, is acknowledged as the finest outdoor clothing available, by both men and women throughout the world. Filson's reputation for quality extends to their Rugged Twill Luggage and accessories, living up to their motto "Might as Well Have the Best".

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There are no secrets to Filson quality, just a simple dedication to using top grade materials in functional designs, put together to last. Many of the fabrics used are not available on the general market and must be loomed to Filson's own specifications. From the pure Mackinaw Wool, through the Tin Cloth for rugged wear and luggage, to the pure cotton Safari Cloth for summer weather use, the Filson fabrics are outstanding. Filson's Cover Cloth, for example, continues the Filson tradition of quality with a new and improved British waxed cotton for outstanding wind and water protection in a light and comfortable fabric.

Many of the Filson items we carry are made in the USA, in Filson's own Seattle factory. In recent years Filson has outsourced some of its items in order to utilize factories that are best suited to specific products. Filson's heavy wool garments, waxed cotton garments and rugged twill luggage are all well suited to the manufacturing strengths of Filson's own Seattle factory, and will continue to be manufactured in Seattle. Filson has found that, in order to maintain their commitment to quality, some of the ligher weight outerwear and sportswear is better manufactured in factories other than their own, including overseas. The overseas factories Filson has selected have invested in technically advanced machinery and maintain the highest levels of craftsmanship to manufacture products consistent with Filson's high standards.

Filson Jacket and Coat Sizing
Filson Cruisers, Jackets and Coats are generously sized. Your coat or suit size would normally be the correct size. Extra long coats, 1-1/2 inches longer in sleeve and body, are available in some styles.

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Filson Coat Size S M L XL XXL XXXL
Coat Size (inches) 38 40/42 44 46 48/50 52


Filson Pants & Trousers
Filson pants are sold by waist size (in inches). Your pants will be sent to you with unfinished legs so that you may first check the fit and then have the legs hemmed or cuffed by your local tailor. Our prices make allowance for your cost in finishing the legs. The unfinished length is approximately 35 inches for all pants.

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Mackinaw Wool Vest
Mackinaw Wool Vest
by Filson
 $135.00  $110.00 
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