The Iconic Crocodile Dundee Hat

January 18, 2019

Crocodile Dundee, courtesy Wikimedia Commons


Although three decades have gone by, Crocodile Dundee is still a well-loved movie. When mentioning the name, most people will immediately say, “That’s a knife!” Crocodile Dundee was a tremendous hit and spawned two sequels.

It may be years later, but we still get customers who call and ask if they can get “The Crocodile Dundee hat.” Paul Hogan, who portrayed Crocodile Dundee wore the black Down Under, made by Akubra. It was a popular hat for many years, but Akubra discontinued it a few years ago.

The band he wore was a crocodile hat band, and we offer a farm-raised crocodile hat band with or without teeth. It can be added to almost any hat.

If you want to have a Crocodile Dundee hat, you can make your own using a black Snowy River. Although the Snowy River has a pinched telescope crown, and the Down Under had a round telescope crown, the look is similar. In fact, one of our customers developed his own system for transforming a Snowy River into a Down Under.


Snowy River with Croc Band

Snowy River in Black with Croc Band — front


Akubra does offer their own version of the Snowy River with a Crocodile band called, The Croc. But US Fish & Wildlife regulations covering crocodile are stringent and we cannot effectively import it.



Possum Wool to Take Off the Chill

January 4, 2019

While parts of the country are downright frigid, there are other parts where there’s just enough chill in the air to need a pair of gloves. Our possum/merino wool gloves can do the trick in both places. The lightness and warmth of possum wool, combined with the softness of merino wool proved a warmth and comfort for your hands. They are also thin enough to be used as a liner in a pair of mittens or thicker gloves.

For those who still need the dexterity of the fingertips, we also provide fingerless gloves.


Lothlorian Possum Wool Scarf


Lothlorian Possum Wool Gloves


Lothlorian Fingerless Gloves



Lothlorian Knitwear




Julie Nangala Robertson

November 21, 2018

We are pleased to feature an additional artist in the Occulture line.

Julie Nangala Robertson is one of five daughters born in Yuendumu in 1973 to well-known Telstra Award winning artist, Dorothy Napangardi (Dec 2013). Since the late 1990’s, while often in the company of her talented mother, Julie has pursued and developed a creative visual language of her own, one which consists of a fascinating blend of stylised experimentation and ancient narrative.

Usually an aerial perspective along with a more recently and established distinctive monochromatic pallette, Julie’s current paintings (which depict the topographical features of her traditional country at the site of Pirlinyanu) have become works of extraordinary optical brilliance as she alternates the size of dots throughout her work as well as building up specific shapes or reference points often repeated with overdotting.

Julie has been painting with Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Corporation, an Aboriginal owned and governed art centre located in Yuendumu, since 2007. She paints her mother’s Jukurrpa stories, stories that have been passed down to her by her mother and all the mothers before them for millennia. Her work has been included in numerous collections and exhibitions of Aboriginal Art in both Australia and overseas.

All artwork featured in the Occulture jewelry is licensed and royalties are paid directly to the individual artist. For more information about Julie Nangala Robertson and her artwork please visit


Water Dreaming Pendant by Julie Nangala Robertson

Water Dreaming Bracelet by Julie Nangala Robertson







Cedar Carvings by Dora Edwards

October 11, 2018

Coastal Salish art is a tradition that goes back at least 5000 years. Carvings can be made from bone, wood or stone. The artist creates the image by carving away the unnecessary material, leaving the image in relief. These images are often in profile, but unlike modern, Western art, they can show a varying perspective.

Our cedar carvings are hand carved by Dora Edwards. They are painted and adorned with an abalone eye. Dora is the daughter of Connie Edwards and Larry James. She was born on Penelakut Island, one of British Columbia’s Gulf Islands, in 1985. She learned the art of carving from her parents, both well-known Coastal Salish carvers, at the age of 14. Each piece is unique, signed on the back and with a wire attached for easy hanging. Carvings may face either to the right or to the left. Hand crafted in Canada.


Whale Carving by Dora Edwards, Cedar with Abalone eye. Hand carved and painted in Canada.


Hummingbird Carving by Dora Edwards, Cedar with Abalone. Hand carved and painted in Canada.


Owl Carving by Dora Edwards, Cedar with Abalone. Hand carved and painted in Canada.



Cedar carvings




Try Cordon y Cuero with Occulture Pendants

September 21, 2018

We have been extremely happy with the our Occulture jewelry. There’s no question that it’s a hit because of the beauty. Why not show off your pendant with a leather choker? Cordon y Cuero is a company in Taos, New Mexico. Larry Knapp learned how to braid while in Ibiza, Spain back in the 1970s. His leather is vegetable tanned. The two items complement each other with a natural beauty.

Lappi Lappi Dreaming Pendant with Cordon y Cuero Choker


Lappi Lappi Dreaming Pendant with Cordon y Cuero Choker



Cordon y Cuero




Celtic Rings Now in White Gold

September 7, 2018

David’s Welsh heritage was proudly displayed at David Morgan. Customers in the store could look at the Welsh flag which hung over the door. Street signs and posters also decorated the walls. One sign said, in Welsh, “Drink Welsh milk, not English beer.” David was a Welsh separatist, and had many books on the topic.

This influenced David and Dorothy’s buying decisions over the years. Many Welsh items such as the Nursing Shawl are long gone. Our jewelry, however, remains. David Morgan uses the Celtic design tradition as a part of its jewelry. Many of our Celtic rings have always been available in gold. Now we are proud to say that most Celtic rings are available in white gold. Our customers have asked for this option and we are now able to do it. The white gold also applies to the Kalgoorie rings.

Kalgoorlie Anniversary Ring

Kalgoorlie Anniversary Ring


Gold Trinity Ring

Gold Trinity Ring



Celtic Jewelry




There’s Still Plenty of Time for Hiking

August 24, 2018

With the dog days of summer nearly over, a day hike isn’t looking as formidable as it was just a week ago. Spending a day in the sun can actually be enjoyable. rather then a throat-parching, sweat-drenched experience. With pleasant weather ahead (sorry Texas) go ahead and spend the day outdoors. We have a few items that you may find useful for your venture outdoors.



Possum Trekking Socks


The possum trekking socks are designed for hiking. The sole is cushioned with a terry knit. Possum fiber and merino wool make for a very comfortable fit. Just enough nylon to keep the shape.

Urban Field Bag


Our urban field bag works great outdoors, too. The waxed cotton is extremely tough and can withstand anything you throw at it. It’s just large enough to carry the essentials.


Coober Pedy: Oregon State Parks Badge


With a 3-1/4 inch brim, turned down in the Aussie style, the Coober Pedy will give plenty of sun and rain protection. They are worn by the Oregon State Park Service. What better endorsement is that? By the way, the folks at South Beach State Park are the best.



Introducing Frost River

August 3, 2018

Frost River handcrafts canoe packs and luggage in Duluth, Minnesota. Their products are made without compromise, using the highest quality materials and benefiting from over 250 years of experience in the North Woods and Boundary Waters.

The Martinex Original Wax fabric used is the best waxed cotton canvas available, durable and water resistant. The Martin family has been involved in the dyeing and finishing of textiles in the United States since 1838. The leather used in the straps and reinforcements comes from SB Foot tannery in Red Wing, Minnesota. In business since 1872, this same tannery supplies the leather used today in Red Wing Boots. The solid brass hardware ensures the fittings won’t fail.

Built by hand, built to last, Frost River guarantees their luggage for life. We are pleased to offer a selection of Frost River luggage, made in the USA

Urban Field Bag

Curtis Flight Bag

Simple Brief Case



Frost River




Arkeria Rose Armstrong, Willie Creek Painter

July 20, 2018

Our Willie Creek jewelry is based on a painting by Arkeria Rose Armstrong. Arkeria is an artist from Gamilaraay, (an area in New South Wales and Southern Queensland.) She was born in Ceduna, South Australia in 1988.

Art has always been a part of Arkeria’s life. Her middle name comes from her late grandmother Rose Fernando. Rose was a Gamilaraay Elder and one of the last sand painters in northern New South Wales and her special nickname for Arkeria was “Lilly-Rose”. She had a significant influence on Arkeria, both in her daily life and now years later in her art.

Arkeria credits her grandmother and her mother for encouraging her to develop a strong connection to culture and a strong personal identity. From the age of 7 to 18 years Arkeria travelled and lived in outback Australia with her family due to her father’s job as a gold prospector. “Having the time to learn in quiet spaces in some of Australia’s most picturesque country was a blessing”, Arkeria says of the experience.

Painting with acrylic allows Arkeria to use a range of colours which represents her country, the stories and the knowledge. Her grandfather, Don Briggs, a Yorta Yorta Elder is another person who strongly influences her. Don is also an artist and he has taken on a mentoring role with her as well as supporting her to have confidence to paint “her way”.

Arkeria currently resides in Bendigo, Victoria.

Willie Creek Necklace

Willie Creek Bracelet

Willie Creek Earrings


Source: Aboriginal Art Australia


Occulture Jewelry






Add Some Flair to Your Wedding

June 29, 2018

Bolo Ties for Groomsmen


We recently made a set of five bolo ties for the groomsmen in a wedding. Bolo ties are often seen as a western accessory, but in this case, the slides featured the Immortal Strength design, which is part of our Celtic collection.

Looking closely, you can see the Triskele in the center, which symbolizes not only the Trinity, but also the mind, body and spirit. Surrounding the Triskele are four knotted symbols. In many ancient philosophies, the number four represents the physical world. Three and four combined is often the unification of spirit and matter. It is through this unity that strength emerges. What a marvelous symbol for a wedding!


Immortal Strength Bolo Slide



Bolo Slides

Celtic Art and Lore